September 2014
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There are many viruses that can be installed in the mouth if not the care as it is due. From our blog health seek major diseases of the mouth, the main disorders that can shelter in the oral cavity. They are mainly infections caused problems. Among the main diseases in the mouth highlights the following:

- Gingivitis. It is an inflammation of the gums; you can be caused by bacteria that are among the teeth and gums. It was also relate to leftovers. In these cases the gums red and swollen.

- Periodontitis. Let’s say that is the second step after the gingivitis. In this case, the periodontosis is an inflammation of the ligaments and of the deeper tissues of the gums, so it goes a little more than the previous one.

- Malocclusion. Is the bad position of the teeth, that is, any deviation from the teeth forward, backward or sideways.

- Glossitis. It is an inflammation of the language. In extreme cases, you can get to produce an ulcer. The language is swollen and painful.

- Leukoplakia. Also called leukoplakia, is a whiteness that appears in the mouth, either in the gums, in the language or in the inner part of the cheeks. Tends to be produced by a wound or chronic irritation.

- Halitosis. It is the bad smell of encouragement, which is caused by a poor oral hygiene.

- Cancers of the mouth. Unfortunately, there are many types of cancers of the mouth: lips, tongue, gums, palate, the interior of the cheeks and floor of the mouth. The cancer has become one of the most feared diseases by humans.

These are the main diseases in the mouth, a part of the body that can indicate many things and those we must take care, because it is the first implicated in our proper food. There are other diseases such as tartar or cavities that we could also have included in this small list.

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