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When he went to school and leaving qualified (for robbing a few minutes more to bed), never breakfast, and there always appeared the challenge of my parents: do you can leave without breakfast!
Always knew that it is one of the meals most important of the day (if it is not the main). This was stated once again thanks to a new study found that adolescents are less concentration when no breakfast.
At the University of Ulm was conducted this study that indicated that young people tend to be the worst humor when they leave home without breakfast; especially boys, whose memory visuespacial is affected.
The study conducted by dr. Widenhorn-Muller was conducted in 104 pupils between 13 and 20 years, of which half of them consumed a breakfast, set the first day and the other half no breakfast. Then they are carried out questionnaires and knowledge tests to see as reacted.
Although the study found that breakfast had no effect on the ability of the students to keep the attention, all said feel more awake after eating breakfast and fared better in those tests which “mediate” his memory visuospacial. Read the rest of this entry »

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Marek Naruszewicz of Poland and colleagues suggests that a substance called archilamida, contained in certain foods may increase the risk to disease type of heart.
The acrylamide has been linked to nervous system disorders and possibly to the development of cancer, after ingestion of large quantities of French fries that provides approximately 157 micrograms of acrylamide per day, for four weeks study participants had adverse changes in the LDL rusty, which are markers inflammatory and antioxidants that help the body to eliminate the archilamida, and therefore indicate that can increase the risk of heart disease. Read the rest of this entry »

In the preparation of food is essential to recall the importance of hygiene and bear in mind a series of basic rules of food safety. That is why you propose recall the series of 10 patterns that the Organization of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended to prevent any inconvenience or poisoning by means of food.
1. At the time to choose the food will be necessary fixed in their appearance: make sure that you see fresh, clean, and is in good condition.
2. Not to forget wash fruits, vegetables and vegetables in clear water with few drops of bleach or other disinfectant product suitable for this food use.
3. Never forget consult the expiry date for packaged products.
4. Always cooked well, in a timely manner, the various foods.
5. Consume immediately after cooked, if it does not do so by whatever reason or if you have been leftovers, now store in a sealed, and in particular, in the refrigerator once taken room temperature.
6. Learn to reheat correctly food (better if you do in microwave oven).
7. Pays great attention to that never come into contact raw foods with the cooked.
8. Lava very well your hands on a regular basis when you are preparing your food. As well, be sure to powder correctly utensils, containers and surfaces. In the latter sense, relies on substances disinfectants chords for use in kitchens.
9. Preserves food of any insect or animal that can transmit any type of micro-organism harmful. Read the rest of this entry »

We are already with one foot in 2010 but, by more little we have left, we still have to finish with this year, and especially with this month, which is the worst… in the care of the diet, of course.
In two days we will have to face another major food that prepares us December, and we will have to leave victorious as we have been doing so far.
So, for which does not falter, and reconnect to beat all the temptations of end of the year, is that today, in vivirsalud going to give a series of tricks to win in December.
*No abstain of nothing: the sweets that we tempt official by these dates are truly irresistible, if we can consume, in small portions. Do not let eating, but that eats little.
*Carries out a plan: if you prepare because this night got a great dinner, it is best to manage your food and instead of eating a plate giant choose eat one more small, that you can enjoy without problems.
*Exercise: although they are dates of crazy, it seems that the time we are going flying, take a minute and exercise. Among the shopping, the social events and other commitments, the opening hours of the fitness tends to be relegated, this might not do that, but which prioritizes your timetables for exercise.
*Eat vegetables and lean meats: in the meals that are not part of an event takes to eat vegetables and lean meats, consumes things sound. Already will have several opportunities to attack the sweets. Read the rest of this entry »

Once you wonder how much time you can save a food in your refrigerator. There is food that last a little more than what you thought and only because they look ugly, does not mean that the beeches lost.

Example of that is the case of some fruits and vegetables. Perhaps it seems that they are no longer going to power eat, but not because a part of the fruit appears rotten means that all fruit is. Surely you can still rescue and are only a little bit dehydrated. To make sure you don’t have why consume directly, you can integrate them into a soup or use them in a liquefied.

The cheese is one of the classic “redeemable” of the fridge, a bit of mold in one of the tips of the cheese does not imply that we have to throw. Only with cut that piece you will be recovering much of your cheese, however, when the mold has taken all the outer surface of the cheese is best that yes tires in the trash. Read the rest of this entry »